How is the drive system of Suitcase Bluetooth Record Player designed?

Publish Time: 2024-06-13
The design of the drive system of Suitcase Bluetooth Record Player mainly involves the rotation mechanism of the turntable (also known as the turntable cover), which determines how, how fast and how stable the record rotates to play music. The following is a detailed explanation of the design of the drive system of Suitcase Bluetooth Record Player:

Drive method:

Direct drive: This design means that the vinyl turntable is directly driven by the motor without using any auxiliary parts. It avoids the problem of belt aging and the startup speed is significantly faster. If equipped with a motor with higher torque, the turntable can almost stop and start at will, and the lag time is almost imperceptible. The quality of the motor is crucial to the performance of the entire turntable.

Belt drive: The power of the motor is transmitted to the turntable through the belt. This method is more traditional, but the aging of the belt may affect the stability and sound quality of the turntable.

Turntable stability:

In the direct drive design, the turntable is closely integrated with the motor, which can achieve higher stability. The belt drive may reduce stability due to aging or loosening of the belt.

Speed and Control:

Modern Suitcase Bluetooth Record Players usually have an electronic speed control system, such as a quartz lock system, to ensure that the speed of the turntable is accurate and stable. This helps to keep the sound quality clear and accurate.

Motor Quality:

In direct-drive turntables, the quality of the motor is crucial to reducing rotation noise and ensuring sound quality. High-quality motors can provide stable rotation and better dynamic response.

Output method:

Some Suitcase Bluetooth Record Players may have a built-in amplifier (phono stage) to convert the weak electrical signal generated by the stylus into a stronger audio signal. This usually includes a preamplifier and a power amplifier to provide sufficient volume and quality.

Innovative Technology:

With the development of technology, some Suitcase Bluetooth Record Players use innovative drive technology, such as piezoelectric drive motors. This motor uses the vibration of piezoelectric materials to drive the turntable, which may have higher precision and stability.

Design details:

In addition to the basic driving method, the design of Suitcase Bluetooth Record Player also involves many details, such as the material of the turntable (such as aluminum turntable), the type of stylus (such as MM, MC, etc.), the adjustability of the tonearm (whether it supports different types of cartridges), etc.

In summary, the driving system design of Suitcase Bluetooth Record Player directly affects its sound quality, stability and user experience. Different driving methods and technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages, and users should weigh them according to their needs and budget when choosing.

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